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ManChingKC - Limited Edition Gallery Print - Pray

This is a photo taken at Shek O Beach in 2006. Shek O is located in a small offshore village at the southeastern tip of Hong Kong. I grew up in this place. I left because of work. I will come back 10 years later. I have a lot of childhood memories. I took my Mamiya 6 film camera and walked to the beach that evening. This place was a trial ground for photography when I was young. I like to walk to the shore and often stare at the opposite island . I think this small island is very mysterious. There should be some secrets on this small island. I was also standing on the shore this day. I saw this man making such movements and shouting. I quickly took this image with my camera. I used black and white film, and the moment I pressed the shutter, I knew it would be my favorite work.

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